This Thing Called Blogging

So yeah, I started this new blog and fell off, lol!!  I totally forgot how much work blogging can be especially trying to put up content worth sharing. I’m still here, still  committed to blogging because I do want to share the things I have going on in my life and have come through. However, I want the post to be worthwhile and have a purpose.

So stayed tuned I’m putting together some content to share, that I pray you will enjoy!!!


OutFit of The Day

15 Random Facts About Me

Hello Beautiful people, I hope everyone is doing well!!  My son took these pictures of me Easter/Resurrection Sunday and I completely forgot about them.  We had 7am service that Sunday, so I knew I wanted to be comfortable and casual.  We’re usually pretty laid back when it comes to dress, which made it easier to wear this.


{I have to work on my posing, lol}

When writing this post I didn’t want it to be just about my outfit, so I thought I would share 15 Random Facts about me.  In all my years of blogging I realized I’ve never done this, so I figured no better time then now.

  1. I am the youngest of all of my siblings, 5 girls in all and 1 brother (whose is deceased). I was told by my parents when me and my 2 sisters closest to me were smaller, I used to take up for them.  I don’t remember that, but my mama said I was mean like my grandmother so I guess it could be true! LOLOL
  2. I will NOT get in bed without taking a shower, I don’t care how late it is, how tired I am or if I took one earlier after working out, I take another shower.
  3. Cracks in sidewalks, walls, where ever make my skin crawl and my head itch, just thinking about it has my skin crawling.
  4. I love to write spoke word and poetry.  I might share some on my blog, when I get up the nerve.
  5.  I can not walk around the house without socks on my feet, I don’t care how hot it is outside, I have socks on.
  6. I am a J-Lo fan, I love her style, I like her music and I lover her show Shades of Blue.
  7. I love, love music, I can sit at home all day and not turn the TV and listen to music. My taste is eclectic, I listen to everything from Jazz, Gospel/Christian, Country, Pop, to Old School Hip-Hop, Reggae and R&B.
  8. I am terrified of flying, I have never flown, but I do want to travel to places I can only get to by plane, so am going to have to get over my fear somehow.



[Leggings: Ross?, Top: Forever 21, Sandals: Shoe Dazzle]

9. I want to become a certified personal trainer.  I enjoy learning about fitness, eating healthy and helping others get healthy.  Which is ironic, seeing as though I struggle with my own weight.

10.I love, love animated movies, I think at times I love them more then my son. Some of my favorites are: all the Toy Story’s, all the Sherk’s, Cars, Big Hero 6, Brave, Minons, Up, A Bug’s LIfe, Little Mermaid, Despicable Me, Princess and the Frog, Kung Fu Panda all 3 just to name a few.

11. My all time favorite movie is Last Dragon, it is a cult classic, plus, Leroy Green (Taimak) was too cute.

12. My favorite TV show is Miami Vice, when it was on Netflix, I watched it everyday, so I have seen each episode more than 50 times. Next is A Different World.

13. I am I guess you can say obsessed with crime shows: NCIS, CSI (reruns now), Criminal Minds (both), Chicago PD, Law and Order, Hawaii Five-O, 24: Legacy, Shades of Blue

14. I want to learn how to play golf, I enjoy watching it and really want to learn to play. I have asked my dad who is an avid golfer to teach me but he hasn’t yet.

15. I HATE, and I mean HATE scary movies. The last scary movie I saw was ‘The Grudge’ when it first came out and I cried because I was so terrified. I wanted to leave but my boyfriend at the time didn’t want to, eventually we did and ever since I can’t even look at or hear a commercials of anything scary.

Well that is 15 random facts about me, I was going to do 20 but, honestly couldn’t think of more this that I thought would be interesting, lol!!  I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me, and as always thank you for stopping by!!




When It All Falls Down

As I’m writing this, Kanye’s song “All Falls Down” is playing in my head. I debated for a while about sharing something so personal, but when I started my blog again, I knew that I wanted to share my journey, where it has taken me and how I’ve grown from the things I have had to face. Plus, my life is my testimony and what I share may be a blessing to someone else.


Marriage to me has always been something sacred, never to be taken lightly especially standing before God. Marriage is beautiful and something to be shared between 2 people that truly love and are committed to each other.  My parents have been married almost 45 years and I have seen them go through ups and downs, but with God as the center, their love is still strong.  So I knew whenever I got married that there would be times when those vows:  for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health would be tested.

In 2012 I got married to my son’s father, after dating/being engaged off and on for about 9 1/2 years, we decided to go ahead and take the leap.  I can remember that day feeling happy but extremely nervous and anxious because that day had been a long time coming.  There were many times I honestly didn’t think we would even get there, but we finally did.  Our relationship previous to getting married was a rocky one, and there were times even after we got engaged that I thought I was crazy for even still dealing with it.  There was no abuse involved, but we had issues, however, with the promise of things being better, we took the leap.

Fast forward to 2013/2014, things were still rocky even after getting married, everything fell apart.  I won’t go into details about everything, but my marriages was tested in a way I would’ve never imagined it or my life could be tested.  I fought, I prayed and cried, I believed at one point God could fix it, but things didn’t work out how I thought they would.  I don’t blame God; I’m not bitter or angry.  With the situation that happened in 2013/2014, along with years of problems, in my heart I knew there was no way that it could work.  I hadn’t been really happy for many years, yes there were happy moments, but there was no overall happiness if that makes sense.  When I look back at it, with all that we had gone through before we got married, I knew we should’ve never gotten married in the first place.  As I stated we had been together for so long, and I wanted to keep our family together for our son.  Yes, I knew having children together was not a good reason to get married, but I did love him, and I wanted to try to make it work.


However, I knew deep in my heart that the love I should’ve had for him as a husband/mate/spouse wasn’t there. I’m not going to bash him because that’s not what this is about, we both contributed to some of the issues in our relationship over the years.  Which should’ve been a red flag, and I admit it was; I just wanted to believe we could overcome them. Then with no more fight in me, a broken heart/spirit, a spouse that didn’t want to change or go to counseling, and after much prayer and seeking God, in 2015 I filed for divorce. I’m a woman of God, so yes I know what the word says about God hating divorce, in the same token I also know what the word of God says about being unequally yoked.  Making the decision to end it wasn’t an easy one; it’s not something I did on a whim. I always said I never wanted to get married to get divorced and that is why I tried to fight.  Plus, I didn’t want to feel like a failure, I wanted that 40+ years of marriage like my parents, in the end, it wasn’t so.

My divorce became final last year (2016), 2016 was truly a year of transition for me, three major things happened in my life, my divorce being one of them.  After it was final, I felt free; I felt the burden of everything we had gone through being lifted.  No, I didn’t go out and party, because even though I filed, I still wasn’t happy that something I had wanted since I was younger had failed.  Then there was the enemy telling me God wasn’t pleased with me, I had failed God and that I was going to be punished for what I did.  For a few months afterwards, I believed that and the freedom I had turned to fear and even shame.  Plus, having an ex who wasn’t happy and was very vocal about it, didn’t help either.  Some days the guilt I felt had me crying for hours, I allowed the enemy to come in and take away peace I had and the battle to get it back was hard.  That is why I am grateful for one, knowing God as my Father and His love and compassion for me, knowing that no matter what mistakes I made or whatever the enemy tried to accuse me of, I knew He loved and forgave me, and that is all that mattered. Two, having a support system in my family has been invaluable.

No, I don’t believe divorce should be your only option when it comes to troubles in your marriage, and yes I believe God can turn any situation around. Marriage is ordained by God and He never wants it to end in divorce.  Nonetheless, I believe that we have to move in God’s will not ours, and know that what we desire is His will.  I have learned a lot from what I have gone through, one of the biggest things is truly hearing from and being obedient to God. Yeah I have always known that is important, but we all want what we want.  Even when we believe it is something good, and it could very well be because it’s not always about doing something so wrong, it still has to be God’s will. The next thing is, truly having faith in God; you never know how much you need Him until you are in the darkest moments of your life and you see no glimmer not even a pin size of light.  That’s when God reassures you that He still loves you, will never leave you and that you will overcome this.


Even though my marriage didn’t work out, I do still believe in love, marriage, and if it’s God’s will, I would love to get married again, this time to the right one.  If not, then I have to be okay with that, because He has blessed with so much in my son, my little fur diva Angel and just life in general.  I’m on a new journey and going through this has ultimately been a blessing in my life. I have forgiven my ex and moved on, if I hadn’t, I knew I couldn’t be free and God couldn’t move in my life.  Now, depending on the day, if you ask me would I go through it all again, I might say no, lol, but I believe this has pushed me towards my destiny, and as I said before, my story is my testimony.




Outfit of The Day: eShakti Review


{Sun was in my eyes}

Getting back into the groove of blogging is taking some time, but I’m working my way back.  For my next post I decided why not let it be an Outfit of The Day!!!  I was really excited when I was contacted by eShakti to do a product review on one of their items. Many of you I’m sure are familiar with them or may even have items in your closet from them. They’re a great company to work with (I’ve worked with them before) and they have such beautiful pieces, which made deciding on what to pick was kind of hard.


When I finally decided, I picked this beautiful Tie Neck Cotton Chambray Maxi Dress. The material is light weight, very comfortable and I don’t know about you, but I love a dress with pockets.  It has sleeves that you can roll-up and can button it you want the option of a shorter sleeve. Which is a wonderful thing about this dress along with the material, it can be worn in the Fall/Winter with tights and a booties or boots.  Or in the Spring/Summer with a sandals similar to how I wore it here.

They offer your ready to wear sizes XS-6X, however, if you are someone like me who is top heavy, blessed with a little extra in the hips/butt and a smaller waist, then you probably would need to get your dress custom made.


{That hand on the hip pose}

That’s what I love about eShakti, the ability to customize their clothing to fit your body.  Customization doesn’t stop there though, if you love the style of maybe a dress but want to change it little to fit your taste more, you can customize the sleeve and hem length, even the neckline on a lot of their items. For my dress, I opted for a shorter hem because this dress was originally maxi length, so I ordered mid-calf length but kept the sleeves and neckline the same.


I absolutely love it and it goes perfectly with these cute shoes I found on Amazon. I know I will be getting plenty of wear out of it, so if you see it on my IG a few times, don’t talk about me lol!!   I didn’t see this particular dress on their site anymore, but don’t worry here is dress that’s similar.  If this isn’t your style, eShakti has more dresses as well as skirts, tops, pants, jumpsuits and even denim, so you are sure to find something you will like.  Plus, the prices are reasonable especially for the quality, so go and check them out.

A big thank you to eShakti for giving me the opportunity to do this product review. Also, thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog!


Be Blessed!!!!





Please Let Me Re-Introduce Myself


Hello my name is Carsedra Glass, I’m from Georgia born and raised, I am a 41 year old single mom of an awesome 12 year old Autistic young man.  I’m also a Entrepreneur, I own a home-based cake design business and I’m also working on starting a body care product line, which also features Soy Candles.  I will talk more about that in another post.

I stopped blogging for a while because 1. I lost my passion for it and 2. when I was working full-time, running my business, in school and mommy duties, I didn’t have the time to really dedicate to it anymore. However, I decided to start blogging again because after some changes in my life, all unexpected, I was at a point where I felt like I was starting life all over again or starting a new book I should say.  I think the book about my life before now is closed and done, now it is time to start a new one. Being on this journey I wanted to share it with those who would care to listen, in hopes that it inspires you in where ever you are in yours.

What will you get with my new blog you or what will make it different from others.  The main thing is it’s about me and my life, no one else has lived it or is living. You will get a little fashion, some cooking, maybe some DIY’s and whatever else is going on in my life. Most of all, you’ll get what’s in my heart and what God leads me to share. So thank you in advance for coming along on this new journey with me and I pray something is said or shared that inspires and encourages you.

Peace and Many Blessing to you!